10 November, 2011

sometimes, these lyrics ...

Angels watching over me
With smiles upon their face
'Cause I have made it through this far
In an unforgiving place
It feels sometimes this hills to steep

For a girl like me to climb
But I must knock those thoughts right down
I'll do it in my own time
I don't care, I'm halfway there

On a road that leads me straight
To who knows where?
I'll tell you what, what I have found

That I'm no fool, I'm just upside down
Ain't got no cares, I ain't got no rules
I think I like living upside down
Watching people scurry by

Rushing to and fro
Oh, this world is such a crazy place
It's all about the go, go, go
Sometimes life can taste so sweet

When you slow it down
You start to see the world a little differently
When you turn it upside down
I don't careI'm halfway there

And I'm just soaking up
The magic in the air ...
Paloma Faith, Upside Down

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