27 October, 2011

We create the best memories in this eternal city.

How magnificent.  My parents took me (& my brother) to celebrate their anniversary.
He rented them (well, us) a car for the evening and we went to the city for an elegant dinner.
My brother thought, since it was their anniversary they should spend it alone, so after dinner
he took me shopping.  We went back to Saks and he exchanged my Comme des Garcons
button up shirt for an Alexander McQueen original, I, am a happy camper, the happiest actually.
Then we met back with our parents and we went to see a movie at The Paris Theater.
(I met a nice boy there named Peter when my brother was getting the popcorn haha).

To say the least, it was a spectacular evening.
On another note, I'm extremely inspired by a peculiar silent film
star that just sparked in my mind a brilliant idea.
I think I'm going to express my creativity in a totally different manner
than from what I was originally set out to.
Just wait and see.

xx Scotch Corduroy

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  1. I love a great NYC night! (P.S. I changed the Jared Leto video. Thanks for telling me the other one stopped working! You're the bestest.)