02 October, 2011

Applies to my life? maybe?

How could it be?
I keep on running away from me!
Pass on by, ain't got no ties --
Might as well go lose my mind. 

I go down I'm coming down,
That's all I ever do!
Leave a trace of tries 
Behind my tail that's all I ever do!
I left my man, I quit my job,
In search of bloody truth, yo!
But all I feed is left beneath
So what am I to you?
This is my way ...eh!
This is my day ...eh!
Running away ...eh!
Running away...hey!

(Fragments of) Runner,
Asteroids Galaxy Tour


  1. They're performing in NYC tomorrow (or is it today). Either way, it's sold out. :-(

    Thanks for your comments! We definitely should hang out. Email me: graenewyork(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. OMGsh I went to see them!!
    I had no idea you liked them too!!
    Aren't the so great?! They really know how to put on a show ...it was FANTASTIC to say the least!

    ...will you get that I responded to your comment? or would I have had to answer in your blog? How does this work? I'm still really confused lol