29 October, 2011

Schnee in New York City

Das ist fantastisch!

October 29th

I've been awake for at least two hours.
It's snowing outside, but I have no idea for how long.
It's snowing outside, and it's beautiful.

There are so many things I have come to the realization to
on this beautiful dark and snowie Saturday morning.
The truth is, getting acquainted with these realizations,
finds me more lost than ever.

But at least, at least it's snowing outside,
and it's beautiful.

27 October, 2011

We create the best memories in this eternal city.

How magnificent.  My parents took me (& my brother) to celebrate their anniversary.
He rented them (well, us) a car for the evening and we went to the city for an elegant dinner.
My brother thought, since it was their anniversary they should spend it alone, so after dinner
he took me shopping.  We went back to Saks and he exchanged my Comme des Garcons
button up shirt for an Alexander McQueen original, I, am a happy camper, the happiest actually.
Then we met back with our parents and we went to see a movie at The Paris Theater.
(I met a nice boy there named Peter when my brother was getting the popcorn haha).

To say the least, it was a spectacular evening.
On another note, I'm extremely inspired by a peculiar silent film
star that just sparked in my mind a brilliant idea.
I think I'm going to express my creativity in a totally different manner
than from what I was originally set out to.
Just wait and see.

xx Scotch Corduroy

26 October, 2011

Kiss me, my fool!

                                                                                -Theda Bara
                                                                                (Arab Death)
                                                                                            A Fool There Was

25 October, 2011


Was I born like YEARS too late or what?
I just "met" this man, and I'm absolutely in love with him.
I wish he were my contemporary :/
He's just so gallant and handsome.

19 October, 2011

This week has been the best!!

There has been more than one "new beginning" and though I'm too late for the contest I wanted to enter,  I'm still going to cover a few songs with Andrew and I'm super excited to do it.  I'm so lucky, I'm really enjoying the autumn.  Lets see what else is in store, alas the season has only started and all it took was a change of attitude.

Everything is deliciously great, 
and it smells like expensive vanilla.

Scotch Corduroy xx
(Intoxicatingly Anonymous)

My Sephora Face!

17 October, 2011

Today starts like the best day ever.

I wonder if it'll continue like that.
No, lets not wonder, it will be the best day ever.
I mean, I'm awake earlier that usual, that's a good beginning right?

I still miss Paris at night and every time it rains and Berlin every morning -
lets see if we can change that!

Black Balloon still seems like a perfect dream.

11 October, 2011

How charming, how lovely

Oh Paris, how I miss you at night, in the light drizzle in autumn.
I want nothing more than to sit at one of your church steps and
with my favorite typewriter kill the night away.

I want to write, I want to write forever,
I want to write for you, Paris.

10 October, 2011


Déjà vu with my plans, but they haven't even happened yet.
I'll keep a little altar in memory of you.

I'll smell like Royalty

And if I had to choose, who better than to smell like the last Queen of France?
Hot blue blood runs through my veins anyway.

How fabulous must it be, to be this gorgeous.

Project Forever!


The Rocky Horror Picture Show,

and other delicious films of the sort.
Truffles, croissants & tea/coffee,
it's like being in Paris all over again!

This, this makes me very happy.


I'm inspired out of my mind right now!

I'd seen this video a while ago, but I didn't feel the rush of adrenaline to my ideas as I did just now.  This is going to be great, except I have many decisions that I must make impeccably!

09 October, 2011

Should I be out tomorrow?

I think so, I'm gonna go beg my brother for some of his $$ lol.
Lazy Sunday, who knows what'll happen, besides I heard there was
a gallery opening this Tuesday, I need new clothes :]
Photos maybe this time?

08 October, 2011

Brahm, Johannes

Is is it somewhat odd I find him (incredibly) very attractive in this photo?
“Timeless” Hannelore Knuts by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia December 2005

06 October, 2011

Viva La France? lol

Leslie Holt, Hello Delacroix

Mis abuelitos en el día de su matrimonio, 11de octubre del '53.
Opa Moi & Nona Teresita.
La tia Lusmila y el tio Rigo se ven tan jovencitos!

I miss Paris...

Vintage lady with roses by pollyanna.uk
Vintage lady with roses, a photo by pollyanna.uk on Flickr.

Sunset over the Whaling boats in Reykjavik

simple & way cool

04 October, 2011

My Life;

I love this commercial so much!
Ms. Deschanel is so cute, and that dress at :27?
To die for, totally adorable.

Can we be friends Ms. Zo? You're so cool :]

02 October, 2011

Applies to my life? maybe?

How could it be?
I keep on running away from me!
Pass on by, ain't got no ties --
Might as well go lose my mind. 

I go down I'm coming down,
That's all I ever do!
Leave a trace of tries 
Behind my tail that's all I ever do!
I left my man, I quit my job,
In search of bloody truth, yo!
But all I feed is left beneath
So what am I to you?
This is my way ...eh!
This is my day ...eh!
Running away ...eh!
Running away...hey!

(Fragments of) Runner,
Asteroids Galaxy Tour

01 October, 2011

What is the meaning of a social life?

Am I the only one that feels like there's no one or nothing to feel passionate about in a city with 10 million people?  Ever since I've left school, I haven't spoken to any of "my friends" and every since I've done away with my facebook, I haven't made a new friend ... like an actual new friend ...
Does everyone live on facebook?  Like really, there's no life outside of this, and if you don't have one, then that's it for you -- you can't live an independent life.  How ridiculous is that?  I've been searching too, cafes, record stores, museums, cool stores, art shops, nothing, no one to actually keep as a friend.  Is it me?  Like, have I created standards for people that are unattainable in real life, or?

I really have no idea, I feel singled out but not in a good way, not like I like it, and alone, incredibly alone.  Very, very alone, in my tastes and independence.
I wonder if I would be too harsh to just do away with everyone, when and if I move away.
Since right now at least, this isn't the place for me, then I can try starting all over again, a million miles away from here.