04 September, 2011

Starting a new blog!

Besides my photography blog and this one, I want to start a beauty blog.
I was going through youtube, and got really inspired to try it out.
I'll have like my favorite fashion, beauty, and interests and it'll almost be like
a lifestyle blog but like with beauty accents (like what brightens up your skin the best,
or what goes best for someone who doesn't have very defined hips but would like
to look more curvy, or what's going on in the art world).  That sort of thing.
It's going to be great and I'm very excited for it.  I'll start it now with
what I have, but when I start my new job (I'll have the extra $$ in flow)
and I'll be able to really make something spectacular, I might even start vlogging,
depends on how I fee it's going.

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