26 September, 2011

Gramma said she'd leave the lights on for me,
Gramma said the flags are waiving for me.
(Don't you know, you don't need a thing.)
Gramma said that somewhere out there -
There's a good man, waiting for me.

Tell me that you think I'm good, 
Happy that I make you glad,
Cause I don't wanna think I'm bad gramma,
I don't think I'm bad.

I wanna be the whole world's girl, gramma,
I wanna be the whole world's girl.
Tell me do you think that's wrong?

Don't cry honey, crazy girl, 
Don't you know you are the world?
Every time you feel unsure, try remember what you are.
(Honey don't you know you have everything?)

T-R-O-U-B-L-E, trouble's what feels good to me,
Crazy as since I was three, 
Now I'm out to get'cha',
But I'mma bet that lately Ma' 
I'm in love with everyone -
And I don't wanna think I'm wrong
Just for feeling pretty.

Lana  del Rey

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