30 September, 2011

Going out;

What's going on with everyone right now?
I don't know, but now that is actually getting colder, and my favorite season already started, more & more pretty people are showing up with amazing blogs showing off their fabulous lives and their amazing expensive clothes.  Where's my good looking blog?  Where are my amazing friends that do amazing things, and go to wonderful places that I could carry out my plans with.  Andrew usually works and goes to school, so he doesn't have much time for me, and Coco, well, she's pretty much in the same boat I am.  How complicated is it to bring all the elements I want to bring together and make my life that much more fun.

Where are these fantastic people hiding, and why do none of them want to me my friend?
I need drastic change yo, for real.

I'm leaving to the museum now.
And later I'll go see if I can find cool vinyls.
Ugh, can't wait to have this job I'm waiting for.
I'm so ready.

I'm also going to start screen writing and
taking a class or two in art history ...it will be some help in the long run.

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