23 August, 2011

There was a crazy earthquake today!

Not that it was wild crazy, because I have been through an earthquake before,
but in the southern hemisphere, never ever in my life have I felt one in New York City!
The epicenter was Virginia, but it was a 5.9 magnitude quake, and we felt it all over the
eastern seaboard of the United States.

I was enjoying a nice vacation day at home,
painting, and sorting through my records (and having a smoke since
I'm home alone) and the smell of coffee and paint mixed into one.
Suddenly, everything started shaking.  I thought it was me, having a body tremor or
something, I thought I was gonna die! ok, I'm being a little dramatic, it wasn't so terrible,
but still - I turned off the fan and the record player, stood really really quiet, and it was still
going on! As soon as it stopped, I looked outside, and some people were coming out of the
retail places around here all at once, when I saw that I KNEW it was an earthquake.  I called everyone I knew, but no one picked up their phones.  I turned on the television and my suspicions were confirmed,
crazy earthquake scaring us all!

I hope everyone's alright.
On a side note, Ghadafi's gone.
This was a crazy day for us all.

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