09 August, 2011

...having not posted since last month ...

I decided to work on the first idea for a novel that I had a few years ago.
I going to leave the middle ages aside for a little bit, because it needs to be more concise
in order for me to actually sit down and write it.

I do however have a problem with this, I feel that it can't be written in the blistering heat
of the summer.  The story takes place in the autumn in New York City ... I feel like I need the chilled
air and brown falling leaves of Central Park to be inspired.

Perhaps I'll start it soon, and by the time it does turn into autumn, I'll be ready, at least with the written
blue prints of the story.

It's gonna be epic.




  1. Totally get what you mean about the seasonal thing. There are some albums I only listen to in the fall & winter because they're more quiet and moody.