26 August, 2011

The only reason, besides exposing my art,
that I wanted to make it big with a secret band,
is not for the unconditional love and attention
many people would give me for what I do,
(because I would honestly always keep
my identity secret as in, my alter ego would be
my persona, and I my self would seize to exist at
least on stage)
but because I want many people making clothes
for me, drowning me in pretty tailored dresses,
custom made shoes and a thousand accessories. 
I’ll make it happen, I have 2.3 million plans.

24 August, 2011

Always loved this video.
Simply great, and partly my life.

23 August, 2011

I'd like to get lost tomorrow

I'll ask papa for $$$$ today (o^___^o)

Camera in hand, lookin' fabulous.

There was a crazy earthquake today!

Not that it was wild crazy, because I have been through an earthquake before,
but in the southern hemisphere, never ever in my life have I felt one in New York City!
The epicenter was Virginia, but it was a 5.9 magnitude quake, and we felt it all over the
eastern seaboard of the United States.

I was enjoying a nice vacation day at home,
painting, and sorting through my records (and having a smoke since
I'm home alone) and the smell of coffee and paint mixed into one.
Suddenly, everything started shaking.  I thought it was me, having a body tremor or
something, I thought I was gonna die! ok, I'm being a little dramatic, it wasn't so terrible,
but still - I turned off the fan and the record player, stood really really quiet, and it was still
going on! As soon as it stopped, I looked outside, and some people were coming out of the
retail places around here all at once, when I saw that I KNEW it was an earthquake.  I called everyone I knew, but no one picked up their phones.  I turned on the television and my suspicions were confirmed,
crazy earthquake scaring us all!

I hope everyone's alright.
On a side note, Ghadafi's gone.
This was a crazy day for us all.

I can imagine how eternally sad they were 
the day I left, the sky began to cry.

For Tomorrow,

art supply shopping/painting
book writing

This is what I call a vacation.
I was left completely friendless and alone, right when it mattered the most.
At least to me, when it mattered the most.
A long time you see, I thought I had a thousand friends.
Not even that they were that many, but, they seemed to be.
Now, when I'm very near parting, and I would want them
to kiss me goodbye, none of them are there.

None but two that swore to be by my side forever.
For right now though, for right now, I don't think
I really need anyone else, since they don't really need me.
Too bad, you're missing out -- if I ever see you again,
all I'll probably bring you, is a handshake.
"No hay noche que llegue
que yo no te sienta aqui,
tu te quedaste para siempre
aqui en mi pensamiento --
tu me dominas
tienes el control
de mis sentimientos.
Aunque estes lejos
de nada me sirve
porque yo te quiero
ay, mas que ayer."

22 August, 2011

Lip Noir

Ruboric unicorns scented the air –
And she knew of all the hearts that she would tare.
Veronica transformed to a vixen,
And the vixen belonged to a mime.
The mime lived within her,
Within her, a crime.
The silence of forever glamorous
Stayed with her personified, until the end of time.
Criminally beautiful quasi the allegory in her, sublime.

[submitted to Lime Crime: Write a Vignette, Contest]

(=^_^=) meeeoooowww

17 August, 2011

16 August, 2011

As far as I know, tomorrow will be my last day of classes.

How can I know if I'm ready.
I never thought I'd be so nostalgic, specially because
I'm been so happy these last few weeks.

How can I know if I'm ready?
How will I know if I'll ever be ready.


10 August, 2011

How beautiful it would be to fall asleep, lets say in Rousseau's or Rimbaud's shadow and
dream of their lives as they dreamed of beauty.

I might never wake.


09 August, 2011

...having not posted since last month ...

I decided to work on the first idea for a novel that I had a few years ago.
I going to leave the middle ages aside for a little bit, because it needs to be more concise
in order for me to actually sit down and write it.

I do however have a problem with this, I feel that it can't be written in the blistering heat
of the summer.  The story takes place in the autumn in New York City ... I feel like I need the chilled
air and brown falling leaves of Central Park to be inspired.

Perhaps I'll start it soon, and by the time it does turn into autumn, I'll be ready, at least with the written
blue prints of the story.

It's gonna be epic.