15 July, 2011

Birthday, complete with unicorns, magic, and sonnets!!

So, my birthweek is about to come to an end.
I have to say, this has to be one of my best birthdays ever.  From the
very beginning of the week to the end.  Starting Sunday night/Monday morning,
I had a very important conference call with what can be the answer to all my prayers.
All of Monday, I spent watching French history documentaries and enjoying my last days of my old age.
Tuesday, was my last day of classes for my first summer session.  The professor could not make it,
she was sick I think, so she sent her husband in her place.  Total hipster dude by the way, but nice I guess, he read us a letter that our professor so amorously wrote, and made us do one last group activity.  We had to write how we felt about the class, and all and all it was a very fun afternoon.  The day next, my dearest dearest Andrew bought us tickets to see a show that I have been waiting for nearly my entire life.  You see, on my 14th birthday, I hung out with Andrea, and she was wearing A Perfect Circle shirt, and of course, since around that age I was discovering music for myself, I checked them out, and I have been wanting to see them since then.  On Wednesday, my life long wait just turned into pure euphoria and excitement. I was in love, the show was epic, and like my dear friend said, "it was just being in the same room as them, you know?"  --- yes, it really was.  One decade after ... there they were.  Later, he gave me my present, a very pretty unicorn bracelet  and an insanely detailed card with "actual" strings on it -- it was so cool! haha.  Thursday, Thursday was the best day.  I started off the day in a very French manner, for it was le quatorze juillet and La fête nationale française!!  Croissants, baguettes, Tart au pomme du Triomphe (lol not really) ... but what I mean is, everything at my breakfast table was French ... and very romantic (o^____^o)

Mama gave me like a million presents that morning.  A laptop desk, shoes, a purse, among other things.
I of course, tried registering for classes that morning, and wasn't able to, so I'll just leave it till Monday morn'.
Then, my sister, (she's omgsh so great) texted me.  We made plans to go to shopping.  That entire day, we did nothing but act crazy and spend madd guap buying really pretty things.  IT WAS SO GREAT!!
I went to sleep at her house, and the entire night we did nothing but talk about everything and nothing at the same time.  I ended the night and began the morning passed out on the couch as her little cousin laid beside me fast asleep.  The next morning, I awoke to a delish breakfast, and lunched on Doritos/Cheetos  and Coca Cola.  After that, I got the dreadful news that a package someone sent me under my pseudonym was undeliverable because there was no one in my house under that name.  It was from my sister.  We were a little freaked because my brother receive a "mail violation notice" because he was claiming a package that wasn't his.  We then rushed to the post office to get it.  I explained to the mail guy, that this was me, my pseudonym, and luckily my sister had a letter that I'd sent her a while ago to prove who I was.  After laughing with the mail guy, because he said my name was "intoxicating" we went home happy with our package.  When I got home, she told me to open it, and since it was the day after my actual day of birth, I decided I would ... right there and then (haha very unlike me).  IT WAS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PRESENTS ANYONE HAS EVER GIVEN ME .... EVER.  A beautiful spirit hood was in the box, it had been my dreamed item since FOREVER!! At that moment, I was the happiest person alive.  She went home, and I went upstairs only to find more presents!! My new laptop that my dad got me was right beside my bed AND I WAS LIKE AAAHHHH!!! and to the other side, a surprise from my brother.  My nigga got me a brand new record player ... A BRAND NEW RECORD PLAYER!! I WAS SO HAPPY I WANTED TO EXPLODE!!
We had a great dinner, and for the rest of the afternoon, I felt like I was dreaming.  Everything was so surreal.

This entire week, I have felt so loved ... SO LOVED and remembered, and perhaps over appreciated.
Everyone around me is so incredibly great, and not because they give me presents, but because I can see what I mean to them, because of their detailed individual gifts.

I love my life, I love my friends, I love my family, I love the marvelous feeling that I get,
when I feel that sensation of Christmas in July.  My God, the blessings that I've received with this
life are inconceivable.  I have nothing else to say, but, thank you.

The marvelous week ended with day long marathons of the Thundercats over the weekend!! (7.17.11)

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