27 June, 2011

At Some Time ...

I haven't written anything in days.
Feels very weird, for the writer (the artist) must entertain their mind by exercising said art everyday.
Besides for my writing intensive class this summer, I haven't really written anything concise.
I feel like I've left my magazine to the side, and my book(s) is more forgotten than a lost memory.
I have to find the time, and give myself the space to at least briefly get back into my game.
At least photographing, or something ... something to get me out of this rut.

I found a song today.
A song that I couldn't find for the last fourteen years of my life.
These notes express more than anything that I've heard recently.
They'll get ma back where I want to be.  As always, music will save me.
Well, at least until the day I meet my love in a secret room from the Chateau de Versailles.


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