23 May, 2011

You should have seen me yesterday

I got soooo much done! I actually completed the very first physical mock up for my magazine -
and I was sooooo (omgsh) sssoooooo proud - this thing is like my child haha
I created this, I MADE THIS.

It's no where near completed, but it's the very gist of what the final product would look like,
and Ms. Sarah Saturday gave me such great advice on what to do next!
She's such a chill person, I wish we were friends in like real life.

Lets see what's going to happen with all this though.
I want to take a photo and put it on here, but what am I supposed to take a photo of?
The outside of the portfolio? haha ... what are you gonna see? black? lol
It's alright though, it's done so I'm going to go around showing it to everyone.

My mama laughed at me,
my papa didn't care ...

but I'll make it though,
one day,
and I'll make them eat their words.


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