18 May, 2011

Some days are just gray

Today was the last day of classes.
Funny, because it honestly doesn't really feel like the last of the semester.
I've been waiting for this day for weeks,
and more than happy - the entire school day experience was very nostalgic
for some reason.  Listened to some vinyls before leaving, took a few photographs,
some croissants and coffee for breakfast ... showered and applied bright red lipstick ...
Nothing out of the ordinary -- but I guess you can't really miss anything until you don't
have it anymore right?

I was really late ... like extra late.
The latest I've ever been to a class in my life.
And I still have to talk to a few professors about a class & "apply" for graduation.
But at least, at least I paid my tuition in full today for the summer session ...
and I won't have to worry about that for a while.

This "project/plan" is approaching, and I'm getting more and more angsty.
I have to work on a few final projects, go out to a play with my extended family ...
then to a "meeting" at the end of the week.  Not too shabby for a random week in May ...
just odd is all.

... and rainy.

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