17 April, 2011

Where I was - and where we are

I was talking with Andrew yesterday, when we were having brunch at our favorite diner.
We went to such a cool event, it was different, but more than anything it symbolized our maturity, and our refinement in taste, or at least I think it does, well to me it does.
From a while to now you see, we've been listening to vinyl records.  I started for a while, when dad brought us an old used record player -- and tweeting one day (yes, tweeting) we discovered we were both interested in listening to music, the vintage way.  It shouldn't have come as such a surprise to me that we both preferred records - but I guess the random way we discovered our common interest was through such a random, trivial manner was what was so foreign to me.  Anyway - the records we purchased were phenomenal,  I probably won't find them again for a million years.  I'm very happy we did what we did - and to know how personalized and descriptive this music has become for our identities.
The only thing though, as I mentioned before, I wish we could have "grown up" a little sooner, or met each other a little younger, so we could have done activities like these, or others that have to do, when we were younger.  Not that we're terribly old now, but - I feel like now we're running out of time.

'Tis alright however, we'll be friends forever, and none of this will matter or make any sense to either of us at all when we're on the road touring. xx

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