02 April, 2011

My mind was blown ... where it is now, I don't really know

I'm amused, but not entirely.  Friday's over, and I did nothing.  I have these false memories of an older me, that went on tour with my sick band - and my recollections of greatness boggle my mind.  I haven't done much though - a published article on woman's online magazine means less than a number in the negatives.  I'm a writer, why aren't I writing?  I'm a lover, why aren't I loving? I'm a musician, why aren't I making music? I'm a dancer, why aren't I dancing?  I'm so much more that I am physically capable of being - but I'm not being.  'Tis only in the almost forgotten words of poets, and the melodies of songs from the underground sounds that I once again feel like myself.  I discovered that this actor, (a visually romantic actor that represents the difference between a good movie, and an excellent one) has a project - about collaborations, creations, and color.  It's a new art form, because it doesn't only create, it re-creates, and re-creates, eventually helping something evolve into its greatest potential.  According to the video on his website, if he enjoys the idea enough - he would use his connections to turn it into something real - something that can reach, and possibly change many people.  I think (I feel) that there can possibly be an opportunity here to have some of my art exposed, and maybe hear some new ideas on other things that I could create.  This could be the "something great to create" I was waiting for.  And, it can provide (depending) the opportunity to work with someone very special.  I am specially in love with his ability to want to help - with the stardust his hands leave behind when he touches an idea.  Today, after hearing that I'm a pretentious bitch because I thoroughly enjoy art history, obscure philosophy, and because I talk with my hands - (that's a load of shit), and during poetry class today, I was told to try not to put so much of my personal input in the poem by another student (someone I was totally not expecting to talk to me like that by the way - our of all people I would think he'd understand)- anyway - I just do what I like, and I can care less about everything else.

I like to dress amazing, and smell like a piece of candy.
I like dark quirky sunglasses and fuchsia lipstick.
I enjoy the security of having my favorite rosary in my bag.
I like cigarettes during coffee while talking to my best friend
about unpopular bands that make great music
(and then attempting to recreate their art with his equipment).
Listen, nothing else matters, nothing else matters but the moments
that you get to be alive -- enjoy it -- fuck errrone & errthang else.
Keep your cool. Always.

I'd very much like to watch Hesher -
I'd like to form a brand new opinion about something new.

Click here to read about Hesher

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