25 April, 2011

I have been awake since 3am, this is what happens

I'm ready for a delicious breakfast to take on the day.
I'm heading to the city later and I'm going shopping.
That is very strange for me to say because I haven't actually done it in such a long time.
Considering that I shop like a maniac, you would think that I would take better care of myself, but
no no - I have not been paying attention to my own dreams  - I've just be focused on starting a million projects and not completing any of them.  I'm so tired of that ... it's going to be over ... and it starts today.

How many times have I said it?
How many times have I told myself to get up and quit slacking - well that day is today.
Right now, begins the first day of the rest of my life.
It already started, it started when I woke up (ready to take on the world) at 3 am today.

I think I had my wakeup call about 10pm last night.
THIS IS SO WEIRD TO SAY! I know exactly when the change began, and I can already see
the consequences that this entire domino effect will take on my life, on my thoughts, on my feelings.
Just like that, I feel more comfortable, and confident with myself than I have ever had -- ever.

Thanks baby Jesus for another day, another day I can make a change.

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