21 March, 2011

My art history homework;

I had about 4 days to do it, and I totally didn't.
It consisted of about 100 pages of reading, that I pretty much didn't realize I had
until right now.  I think I'm gonna wake up a little extra early tomorrow to squeeze in a little reading
before I shower, and then later on the train - so I'm not completely lost in class tomorrow.

The things that happen to me, the things.
I have to get a bunch of things done!
At least I won't have to carry a gigantic textbook with me tomorrow, so I'll be
able to bring my agenda with me!
Omgsh, and then I have 3 giant tests this week,  it's perfect that I'm gonna see Lauren in the little free time I have.  I just have to make sure I get my phone bill payed before tomorrow afternoon ... I hate when the phone website's down, I can't get things done on time :[

We'll see how things go tomorrow, we'll see.

I can't can't can't forget to print out my paper (yet again) for my class ... I forgot to hand it in you see, and then when I went to give it to the professor during her office hours the next time, I saw that her office hours were only on Tuesday - and not on also on Friday like I thought.  THEN ... she saw me in the hall way and said hello -- and I IGNORED HER!! omgsh I'm so embarrassed! I feel soooo bad!! :[
I hope she doesn't take it personal, I have to learn to watch my surroundings! :[

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