04 March, 2011

I guess I'll post the rest of them all together now ....

Believe it, ’tis true, the world lacks fantasy.                              
                                 Why is it so hard for so many people to step away from themselves and just live the moment.

I mean, it’s happened time and time again, where we get caught with everything else around us, that we lose ourselves in the mist of it all and actually believe we’re these people that the media has created.  It’s easier I believe.  It’s so much simpler to let television, the internet, the mainstream all together, etc. dictate what we are and what we should like.  No one likes just accepting that live is to be lived, and by “lived” I mean taken in one day at a time, not per facebook statuses.

Whatever, I can’t change the world (or maybe I just won’t).


I found this to be very beautiful----
and I’m not sure exactly why, but, especially the end.
I would absolutely love those pink frames.


I even have a special pen.
Lovely dreams, on clouds of cotton candy.
Together in Paris.

BROWSING: March 1, 2011
Ok, so it's after Poetry class, and I wanted to come to the nearest computer lab to get some studying done before my oceanography exam this afternoon.
In reality, I had about 4 days to study for this test, but I really can't seem to concentrate on a subject that I'm so new to, and that I'm completely fascinated by it's romanticism -
but not it's science.  Alright, so the Pacific Ocean is going to dry up in one hundred million years, and the Atlantic is the youngest Ocean - plate tectonics, erosions, and inside sea earthquakes,
fascinating.  That's as far as I'm going to get about knowing this material.
Before I further went on my studying quest, I decided to go on "my websites" as I always do before I actually study, only to realize -
I have completely deleted everything and none of my friends really exist on this present blog.  I checked the main page on here, and I saw something about "Graffiti and Garbage" some other art exposition, and
some other main page entries that I really don't seem to remember.  What caught my eye though - was an unscrupulous auction that completely broke my heart.
Recently, somewhere in Colorado an auction for alpacas took place.  Now, atop that this act is completely immoral and lacking compassion -
ALPACAS DO NOT BELONG HERE AND DESERVE AT LEAST THEIR NATURAL HABITAT TO EXIST.  In addition to this massive lack of common sense, the person that reported this (as far as I read because I really couldn't deal with the subject to thoroughly attend the subject at hand) was actually pro- this activity and photographed the little animals.  I don't not want credit for these - but I took them for evidence of what I'm talking about.

These little animals look like they're in need of some affection, and a bath.  The look sad, hungry, ungroomed and dirty.  Who puts these together? Like no really - who makes these events possible that thinks that's an actual good idea?  These alpacas should be roaming freely around their meadows with their care takers feeding them, giving them a home, and occasionally shaving them to make a few garments and sell the yarn for some extra money.  Why must everything always extensively be about money, and in a constant rat race of who gets the most of it?  Honestly, to me - this looks cruel and unusual while to others this is just like another walk in the park.

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